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We’re StagTV, the University of Surrey’s student run television station.

StagTV is at heart a video and film making society, anyone is welcome regardless of how much experience they have. We provide all the training you need and plenty of chances to get involved including our regular series, interesting commercial projects all the way through to large scale live streams with thousands of viewers!

Our members have access to all our equipment, computers and knowledge, which makes us the perfect society for people who want to make creative projects. Any member is able to start a project and get all the help they need to bring their idea to life!

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  • Madtv

    In 2012 MADTV (Music and Drama TV)
    rebranded to StagTV!

  • thousands of subscribers

    At over 2300 subscribers, StagTV
    has one of the highest amount of subscribers for student TV in the UK.

  • Multi-Award Winning

    In 2019, StagTV won the NaSTA award for Best Writing and Best Drama
    In 2016, StagTV won the NaSTA award for Best Technical.

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The Committee

The people who work hard to keep StagTV running at it's very best.
Francis Cousins
Francis Cousins
Station Manager
I’m a final year video tech student and i’m super excited to be president of StagTV this year. I can’t wait to welcome a new wave of freshers and help create some amazing new content!
Corinna Jörg
Corinna Jörg
Assistant Station Manager
Hi, my name is Corinna and I’m a second year Sport and Exercise Student. I got dragged into StagTV last year and was not allowed to leave since, so here we are!

Jokes aside, this incredible group of people have made me discover a new hobby to love and pursue, and I want to make sure that this year you get the same amazing experiences I did when you join our crazy family!
Elena Quevedo
Elena Quevedo
Head of Marketing & Finance
Hola! I’m a second year Business Management student that was looking for something creative to do outside of my degree… turns out StagTV is perfect for that! I love how you can do and learn so many things and how friendly everyone is!

I will try my best to help everyone get involved in the society, I’m looking forward to seeing you :)

Fun fact – I love to bake
Eve Pitt
Eve Pitt
Creative Producer
Hi! I’m a second year film and video production student!

I love StagTV because I can do anything from painting someone’s face orange to singing a Christmas song and it’s called ‘Art’.

In my spare time I like to juggle, solve a rubix cube, sing in the shower and look like a hedgehog (as you can see)!
Kendrick Foo
Kendrick Foo
Head of Live
Heyo! I’m a final year FVPT student looking after the broadcast and livestream parts of StagTV. I can help to make tech sound less scary?

Fun fact: I love oranges.
Chrissy Agius
Chrissy Agius
Head of Training
Hi! I’m a third year Digital Media Arts student who accidentally wondered into the StagTV office one day and never really left. I can’t wait to see what fun, stress and laughs this year brings and will do my best to make it an awesome year for StagTV and everyone involved!
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips
Technical Manager
Hello! I’m a final year tonnie bringing sound to StagTV since 2020.
Erika Scott
Erika Scott
Social Secretary
I’m a a third year Maths student. I’m a massive animal lover with 2 dogs at home that I miss the most when I’m at uni.

The best part of Stag TV for me has been the friendly, wholesome people that welcome everyone into the society and encourage them to create anything that they want and have fun doing so, or to just simply socialise after a day of lectures with like-minded folks.

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