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About US

We’re StagTV, the University of Surrey’s student run television station.

StagTV is at heart a video and film making society, anyone is welcome regardless of how much experience they have. We provide all the training you need and plenty of chances to get involved including our regular series, interesting commercial projects all the way through to large scale live streams with thousands of viewers!

Our members have access to all our equipment, computers and knowledge, which makes us the perfect society for people who want to make creative projects. Any member is able to start a project and get all the help they need to bring their idea to life!

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  • Madtv

    In 2012 MADTV (Music and Drama TV)
    rebranded to StagTV!

  • Most subscribers

    At over 2300 subscribers, StagTV
    has more subscibers than any other
    student TV station in the UK.

  • Best technical

    In 2015 and 2014, StagTV won the NaSTA
    award for Best Technical.

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Our Groups

You can get involved in StagTV in many ways, and we have Facebook groups for some of the main areas.
Click the links bellow to have a look and find out more about each one! You can get involved in as many as you like.

Live & Technical

The Committee

The people who work hard to keep StagTV running at it's very best.
George Green
George Green
Station Manager
Gene Wong
Gene Wong
Assistant Station Manager
EEE Student who enjoys Anime, Games and little video edits on the side – Gene Wong
Zak ‘The Dort’ Dawson
Zak ‘The Dort’ Dawson
Head of Marketing
Doot Doot! No it’s not Ed Sheeran! It’s The Dort back for another year in committee. This year I want to focus on making fun content that our members will enjoy making and interact with our audience and get them involved too.
Maximillian Newcombe
Maximillian Newcombe
Head of Creative Production
Francis Cousins
Francis Cousins
Head of Live Production
Head of Live? Guess that means I know how to live! But bad jokes aside I run the broadcast side of StagTV – be it campus wide such as Strictly Come Surrey or simply a society run event, i’m your guy!
Ellie Carlton
Ellie Carlton
Social Secretary
“I’m Ellie! I wanna get you all drunk! Alcohol is the anathaesia of life!” – Sam Chilton
Sam Chilton
Sam Chilton
Head of Training
I joined StagTV a couple of week into my first year, with limited video experience, only a few years of amature radio and many years of acting, in my second year I got so wrapped up in StagTV I became president.

Now i’m hoping to put on more workshops and training than any previous year, utilizing ties with other societies. I put members first and aim to give everyone the opportunity to learn new skills.
Joel Russell
Joel Russell
Technical & Website Manager
I’m a Computer Science student, and I joined StagTV while I was hosting the Presidential debate for SurreyDecides 2018. Since then, I’ve got involved with the running of the society and its technical equipment, taking on the role at the 2018 AGM.
Olivia Mitchell
Olivia Mitchell
Engagement Officer
Hi! I’m a final year Business Management and Marketing student, and have been involved in some form of media for the entirety of my time at Surrey. As Engagement Officer, my goal this year is to make StagTV as open, welcoming and accessible as possible!

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