About US

We’re StagTV the University of Surrey’s student run television station.

StagTV is at heart a video and film making society, anyone is welcome regardless of how much experience they have. We provide training and plenty of chances to get involved throughout the year in the form of our regular series, commercial projects through to large scale live streams!

Our members have access to all our equipment, computers and knowledge, this makes us the perfect society for people who want to make creative projects. Any member is able to start a project and get all the help they need to bring their idea to life!

  • Come and Join in!

    We have meetings every Wednesday at 6:30pm in TB12B.

  • Madtv

    In 2012 MADTV (Music and Drama TV)
    rebranded to StagTV!

  • Most subscribers

    At over 1600 subscribers, StagTV
    has more subscibers than any other
    student TV station in the UK.

  • Best technical

    In 2015 StagTV won the NaSTA
    award for Best Technical

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Our Teams

You can get involved in StagTV in many ways, we have Facebook groups for some of the main area.
Click the links bellow to have a look and find out more about each one! You can join as many as you like.

Presenting & Acting

Live & Technical


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The Committee

The people who work hard to keep StagTV running at it's very best.
Zak Dawson
Zak Dawson
Station Secretary
The Dort

Hair Colour:
Ginger or Strawberry Blonde. You Decide.

I joined StagTV at the start of my first year of university, as it seemed interesting and I had never really done any filming before. I got really into it and really enjoyed being a part of it, and creating content.

I want to create more creative content for StagTV and unsure that our member’s enjoy their StagTV experience, and have fun while making content.
Sam Chilton
Sam Chilton
Technical Manager
I joined StagTV a couple of week into my first year, with limited video experience, only a few years of amature radio and many years of acting, in my second year I got so wrapped up in StagTV I became president.

Now i’m hoping to put on more workshops and training than any previous year, utilizing ties with other societies. I put members first and aim to give everyone the opportunity to learn new skills.
Oliver Higgs
Oliver Higgs
Social Secretary
Event planning/managing/coordinating, presenter, Goose wrangler

cannot edit videos, work a camera or identity geese on sight

I’m a maths and physics student (nerd) and am going to organise your social and charitable events, feel free to come have a chat.

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If you have any querys or want to get involved this form is the easiest way to contact us.